A Guide To Vintage Pokemon TCG Cards : What are your old Pokemon Cards Worth? Part 2: The Pokemon TCG 1999 Shadowless Base Set

Along with the 1999 Pokemon TCG 1st Edition Base Set (previously discussed here), the Shadowless Base Set stands as one of the most collectible and rare sets in Pokemon TCG History. The shadowless base set was released in 1999 alongside the 1st Edition Base Set and also only experienced one print run with distribution limited to the West Coast of the United States. This limited print run and with general print issues regarding centering on cards make finding Shadowless cards difficult to find in pristine condition. 

How do I know if a card is from the 1999 Shadowless Base Set?

Similar to Pokemon 1st Edition Base Set Cards, the square around the artwork for Shadowless Base Set Cards does not have the shadowed look of the later printed sets. Here are two versions of Venusaur below so that you can see the difference between the Shadowless Card and the Unlimited (Shadowed Card). The Shadowless Venusaur is on the left and the Unlimited (Shadowed) Card is on the right. This is an important difference because Shadowless Cards are much, much more exclusive and rare than the Unlimited Set (discussed here).

Venusaur ShadowlessVenusaur Unlimited Base Set

The only difference between the Shadowless Set and 1st Edition Base Set is the 1st Edition Stamp on the left side middle. You can see the difference between the Venusaur Shadowless (left) and 1st Edition Base Set (right) below:

Venusaur Shadowless Base SetVenusaur 1st Edition Base Set

So What are Shadowless Base Set Pokemon Cards Worth?

The distinctions above are super important because the card value depends quite a bit on which set they are from. For value collectors and investors out there, Shadowless cards offer a lower price point than their counterparts with the 1st Edition Stamp. In some cases, Shadowless Cards with an equivalent grade (condition) go for as little as 25% or less of the cost of a Pokemon 1st Edition Base Set Card. With the Shadowless Set still exclusive and rare, it has alot of future potential for collectors, particularly for those who are priced out of the 1st Edition Base Set. Shadowless Cards in pristine graded condition can go from $10-30 for Commons or $500-$1500 for Rare Holographic Cards.

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