Gaming on a Budget: Great Pickups for Casual Gamers

Looking for a new trading card game to get into on a limited budget? Here are some great suggestions for adults and kids which won't break the bank.

Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game

The Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) Trading Card Game has been around for 10-15 years and their recent release of the Dragon Ball Z Super Card Game has been gaining in popularity. If you are thinking of playing Dragon Ball Super or are interested in the game from the Anime Series or Action Figures, one budget way to get started in the game is to buy Booster Boxes from the last Dragon Ball Z Series (you can find them here). Many distributors have been selling their supplies of the prior Dragon Ball Z Series to make room for Dragon Ball Super, so while a Booster Box of Dragon Ball Z Super will cost you $75-80, you can currently buy Booster Boxes from the prior series for ~$25. This low price-point makes it fun for a group of friends, you can order boxes from multiple sets, try all the different cards, and see if Dragon Ball Z is the right game for you.

Dragon Ball Z Card Sets currently on sale include Heroes & Villians, Vengeance, Evolution, Movie Collection, Perfection, and Awakening. These boxes just last summer were selling for $65-75, so pick they up while the sales last!

Pokemon Trading Card Game

Pokemon remains one of the most popular games out there, but from time to time, it can get quite costly to keep up with all the sets and products. Around 1 year ago, The Pokemon Company started reprinting some of their most popular sets to bring down the cost for players. As distributors and game stores work through this supply, it's a great time to pick up discounts on some great Pokemon Sets.

Two interesting Booster Boxes to pick up right now for Gamers on a budget include Roaring Skies and Ancient Origins. For any Pokemon players active in the expanded format, these boxes have tons of playable, iconic cards. Roaring Skies boxes used to sell for $250-300 before their reprinting. Ancient Origins boxes were also north of $125. You can pick up both of these for below $90 now here.


Pokemon Booster boxes


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