Pokemon TCG MYSTERY COLLECTION Box Bundle, 2 Random EX/GX/Figure Boxes

Pokemon TCG MYSTERY COLLECTION Box Bundle, 2 Random EX/GX Boxes 8 Booster Packs + BONUS

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Pokemon TCG MYSTERY??? Collection Box Bundle + BONUS

The Pokemon Mystery Collection Box Bundle Includes (2) Randomly Selected Collection Booster Boxes, NO Duplicates!

+ BONUS Mystery GX or EX Card!

Great surprise gift for Kids & Collectors! 100% Customer Satisfaction on our EBAY listing, buy it cheaper here!

All bundles include:

* 2 Collection Boxes with 4 Booster Packs each + Pokemon Online Code Card
* A foil oversize card or sculpted Pokemon figure depending on the box
* A Pokemon TCG Promo Card, including New GX & EX black star rares that are featured with each box

* A BONUS Mystery GX, EX, Full Art, BREAK, or Holo/Reverse Holo Card!

Some of the potential items in the bundle include: Gengar EX Box, Snorlax GX Box, Mega Gyarados Collection Box, Dragonite EX Box, Charizard Fire Blast EX Box, Mega Mewtwo X Collection, Flygon EX Box, Kangaskhan EX Box, Ash-Greninja EX Box, Mega Mewtwo Y Collection,Lycanroc GX Box, Mewtwo EX Box, Shiny Tapu Koko GX, Tapu Koko GX Figure Box




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