Pokemon TCG 1999 1st Edition Base Set, Revisiting Prices after 2 Incredible Years

Pokemon's 1999 1st Edition Base Set trading cards soar to new highs

Two years ago, we wrote some posts covering card pricing on Pokemon's marquee sets, including 1st Edition Base Set, Shadowless Base Set, and Unlimited Base Set. Since that time, Pokemon card prices have soared. With Pokemon's 25th Anniversary approaching, we revisit card pricing for these key sets. 

Pokemon TCG 1st Edition Base Set

The 1999 1st Edition Base Set for the Pokemon TCG is the most sought after set in the hobby. This is the set that started it all. Finding these cards were difficult even when released in 1999 and now top graded cards are achieving new price records in the secondary market

What happened to pricing over the last 2 years?

In 2018 a PSA 10 graded 1st Edition Set would auction for $90,000-$110,000 versus the most recent sale in 2021 would garner north of $650,000, or a 600% growth versus just 2 years ago. Sealed 1st Edition Base Set boxes are also setting new records. This is the marquee set in the hobby and as collectors continue to circle these cards in high grades and take them off the market, prices continue to climb

What are the key cards seeing the most growth?

Not surprising to many Pokemon Card Collectors, but the 1st Edition Base Set Charizard in PSA 10 grade is one of the most sought after cards in the original base set and has seen tremendous growth in the last 2 years, from $20,000-$40,000 now to the $300,000-$400,000 range. With the influx of demand and collectors into the hobby, there also has been massive growth in some of the 'common' cards as well, including the 1st Edition Red Cheeks Pikachu which just 2 years ago was selling for $250-350 and now in 2021 sells for $13,000-$15,000.  

What is in store for the future of the 1999 Pokemon 1st Edition Base Set?

No one can tell the future, but with the growth in the hobby and the limited nature and scarcity of the 1st Edition Base Set Cards in PSA 10 and other high grades, expect these cards to continue to stay pricey as Pokemon enthusiasts continue their never-ending journey of trying to 'catch them all' !



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